Management of Understanding (VerständigungsManagement)



‘Management of Understanding’ is a method of communication. The German word “Verständigung” means the process of communicating with another person, governed by an understanding of the other person’s point of view. It is crucial to communicate your own perspective and goals in a clear way, but it must be combined with the intention to harmonize your interests with those of the other person.

At the same time, the word means the result of this type of communication – which is ideally an agreement.

The method is derived from the tools of communication developed by the German psychologist Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun and from the principles of solving conflicts, applied by the Swiss psychotherapist Dr. Christoph Thomann.


Importance & Application

‘Management of Understanding’ aims at improving interpersonal and internal communication in progressive organizations, in order to free up the creativity of employees. In business, understanding and agreement are indispensable; no successful project or contract can be realized without an agreement. Despite this, there is a huge lack of mutual understanding. 30% of all productive energies are wasted through unsolved interpersonal difficulties, misunderstandings and conflicts; energies which could otherwise be invested in productive tasks.

‘Management of Understanding’ can also be applied in other areas of life! With professional instruction in the conscious use of language, it aims at making your communication more effective.


What is the Communication Cube?

The Communication Cube is a three dimensional tool that you can use to prepare for difficult conversations with customers, agencies, employees etc. Step-by-step the cube serves as a practical manual, not only on how to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts, but how to create communication that is effective; as it considers the interests of both parties. To come to an agreement it is necessary to reduce the matter to a common denominator, even if your perspectives are extremely different. E.g. an employee requests a pay raise that is higher than the manager is in a position to give, or, two or more people working together as a team having very different approaches to solving the requested task. The Cube is a big help as it improves decision making, which results in better and clearer communication. 


The Communication Cube evolved from the ‘Square of Communication,’ by Friedemann Schulz von Thun. It has twelve coloured panels, six internal and six external, containing questions that need to be answered before starting the process of communication.


My offer

I’ve been working as a consultant for external and internal business communication since 1999. In my seminars I teach the basics of Management of Understanding adapted to the special needs of my clients.

When there are problems between two or more parties, which impair their cooperation, I offer mediation talks. The talks are aimed at clarifying the objective as well as the interpersonal difficulties, which can be the reason for the conflict.

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Dr. Daniela Dujmić-Erbe