Conflict Clarification

...even if, in a conflict situation, you want to achieve understanding and agreement

Conflict clarification is a high art of communication; it establishes understanding and agreement even under aggravated circumstances. Unspoken differences may cause annoyance, anger, jealousy etc and may be so convoluted that they seem to be irresolvable. Conflict clarification under such conditions creates clarification on the objective as well as on the emotional level.

First clarification, then solution
Clarification is achieved by exploring and retracing the possible reasons behind the conflict and recognizing the effects of the conflict. Ideally, the result will be transparency and understanding on both sides with the creation of a constructive initiative to resolve the conflict.

Mediation based on mutual respect

The crucial element of conflict clarification is the common effort to reach understanding and agreement, which is based on mutual respect. You need to maintain respect for each other even when you disagree! I base my service on Dr Christoph Thomann’s technique of “Klärungshilfe” (conflict clarification), which is an effective method of communication: to mediate on not only the objective level but on the emotional level too, where most conflicts have their origin.


Multilingual offer
Conflict clarification is offered in German, English and Croatian.


Dr. Daniela Dujmić-Erbe